Kappa TK763 Torba Na Zbiornik Do Mocowania Tanklock 20L

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Kappa TK763 TORBA NA ZBIORNIK DO MOCOWANIA TANKLOCK 20L Magnetyczna torba na zbiornik Material 840D plus 1200D Wstawki ze sztucznej skóry i wykonczenie EVA Pasek na ramie Worek przeciwdeszczowy Pojemnosc 20 LExpandable tank bag with Tanklock System, can be fitted only if combined with the specific flanges BF_ _K to be fixed to the fuel cap, which in turn is fastened to the system mounted on the bottom of the bag with a simple click. Equipped with transparent map holder, fluorescent orange rain cover and shoulder belt.Material: 840D Polyester + 1200D textured Polyester with inserts in simulated leather and EVA finishing.Fitting kit: the Tanklock system and the safety belt for the anchorage to the handlebar...

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